Psychological Horror

A man (Ross van Dongen) experiences strange events on the night of his marriage proposal.

Written and Directed by: Matthew Oquendo
Produced by: Tiajha Nakahara, Stephen Dam, Danny Akhunov, Cary Chan
Executive Produced by: Matthew Oquendo, Daichi Hirabayashi
Starring: Ross van Dongen, Carolina Monte Rosa, Jacob Buettner, Myles Cranford
1st Assistant Director(s): Gigi Droesch and Bryan Firks
Casting Directors: Chloe Look and Cleve Wong
Director of Photography:Armir Camangian
1st/2nd AC: Justine Sto Tomas and Eileen Li
Gaffer: Marc Bachour
Score by: Asuka Ito
Edited by: Kat Miguel
Assistant Editor: Collette Del Poso
Sound Mixer: Kiguel Calinario
Production Sound: Cary Chan
Costume Designer: Rocky Avalos
Production Designer: Reina Marin and Elena Birgit
Props Master: Xinyi Zhu
Makeup Artist: Risha Sanikommu
Script Supervisor: Harman Basra, Dalton Holcombe
Production Assistants: Shelby Woods, Alex Byun, Marc Bachour
Craft Services: Elliott Cheung
Location Manager: Kat Miguel
Made in 2015
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